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The Story of Coast 2 Coast Clothing

It all started with a hiccup and a fart...

Well that grabbed your attention didn't it?! Our story starts with 3 close friends that met through a passion of us hockey and the Cardiff Devils. Through hockey, Ben getting a tattoo from Stu and a few beers, our friendship grew stronger and stronger by the day to the point where unbeknown to us, we'd actually had the same dream as each other for quite a while. That was to run our own clothing line!

Our Members consist of Stu (commonly known as Stubob) who is a tattoo artist and an ex-BMX rider situated in Barry, South Wales. The second member is Ben who is a professional ice hockey player currently playing for the Cardiff Devils ice hockey team and now lives just off Barry Island (yes he does love a bit of Gavin & Stacey). The third and probably most important member of the team is Heather! She is Stu's wife and the brains behind what makes buying from Coast 2 Coast an awesome and unique experience that you don't really get anywhere else when it comes to buying clothing. All the little details and awesome touch points  you experience are from that smart little brain inside of Heather's head!!

We all have a passion for clothing and we are striving to create a style that people want to wear everyday in all situations, whether that be to work, to the gym, out for lunch, to the pub, out for a meal/date or maybe, just maybe even wear our clothing line while your lounging on your sofa at home. As long as you love our products then that's all we care about.

We strive to be as eco-friendly as possible and that starts with our packaging that will be 100% recyclable. We will do our best to source everything as local to ourselves as possible so that we A) to support local businesses and B) Keep packaging and emissions as low as possible.

Our aim is to not only provide high quality fashionable goods but also make your experience of buying our products as unique and personal as possible right down to opening that awesome T-shirt or Hoodie you just bought! 

To put it simply...we aren't your everyday clothing range!

Coast 2 Coast Ice hockey Puck, washed up in the sand with the sea water around it
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