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Picture of Hevs smiling

Heather (Hevs)

The Boss

The brains behind our operation at Coast 2 Coast Clothing.

Hevs is the person who makes the experience of buying Coast 2 Coast clothing so unique and exciting. She has one hell of an eye for detail and loves to make people smile. So all the little quirks and touch points you will experience will be 100% Hevs!

Hevs it what makes us an experience rather than just being your bog standard online clothes store.

Even deeper behind the scenes you will find Hevs working away doing all the folding and packaging. So that pretty little package you recieve was all done by Hevs!

Stubob in Stamp Tshirt and wearing Grey Snapback


Chief Designer

Tattoo Artist and ex-BMX rider!

Basically Stubob is the guy who makes our visions a reality.


Any design you see, he has created. Every logo, every drawing, every little bit of detail in any design is all hand drawn by Stubob himself sat on his couch at home!

A true talent and anyone that knows him will agree!

Ben Bowns with Stitch the Frenchie


The Face of C2C

Professional Ice Hockey Player with a passion for photography and videography.

Ben has wanted to pursue this type of business for years, he has the ideas in his head but isn’t blessed with the skill of hand like Stubob is when it comes to drawing those ideas down on paper!


However, all the photos and videos you see on our site are taken, edited and produced by Ben.

Most likely you will come to know Ben as the face of the brand.

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