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Our Green Promise

The environment is really important to us! That's why we made it our priority to ensure that all our Coast 2 Coast products are manufactured responsibly and are fully recyclable! 

Our Packaging - We care about our customers and the environment.  We wanted our packaging to make our customers feel special but not at the expense of the environment.  Each part of our packaging is 100% recyclable.  

Our Clothing - Our clothing is made up of recycled ringspun cotton and consists of 100% vegan materials! It is also Earth Positive, which means it was manufactured using renewable green energy.  It really does feel soft and comfy and washes really well.  Great sport, surf or Ice-Hockey fashion wear.  Fantastic quality.

Our Suppliers -  We use locally based businesses not only so that we are supporting local business but also to minimise our carbon footprint during transit when collecting our stock

Deliveries -  Any local deliveries in the Barry & Penarth areas we will try our best to deliver ourselves, again keeping emissions at a minimal AND to add to that point we often deliver those parcels by foot, cycle or electric mode of transport to help the environment even further!!


Having put so much effort into all these areas it would be a shame not to use the best quality garments that match our ethos too, so we do!


Stanley and Stella only offer the highest quality assured organic and recycled garments. 


On top of that, we also use the earth positive and salvage ranges available from the Continental clothing company.

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