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Hitting the Big Red Reset Button!!

There's no secret that 2022 was a little frustrating for us, we had bodged orders, missing stock and as a result didn't manage to produce all the designs we wanted. Then to top it off Hevs was diagnosed with Lupus and as anybody would, she needed time to process what was going on and adapt to her new situation. Now...let's be honest C2C, hockey, business, whatever it may be is nowhere near as important as your health and family and we are glad to see Hevs starting to become the new Hevs! That won't happen in a few months, it might be years but however long that takes we really don't care but we will always be there for her whenever she needs it.

So, for 2023 we have decided to hit the big red reset button and make sure we get back on track and provide the best quality hockey clothing in the UK like we always do! We already have plans through to christmas and should have some new stuff coming very shortly so get ready for what should be a great year of high quality clothing nd sick designs with a few new aditions that we've never produced before!

As always, we want to thank everyone for your support and being there for us all. The C2C family might not be the biggest but it's probably the most loyal and tight clothing family we know of! 

Get ready for a great 2023!

Oh...and send Hevs some love!


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