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New style of Printing!

We've decided to take a new approach to the way we have our items produced. We did a lot of research, keeping in mind that quality is a top priority of ours and also the environment.

Our new way is mind blowing!

Hevs says it's like the clothing was produced with the design already in it! Not on it - in it!

We have always used screen printing which is brilliant compared with many other ways of printing on clothing. It's environmentally friendly if you use the correct supplier that disposes of their waste correctly (recycling where possible) It's plastic free unlike vinyl (saving the planet again).

So why have we chosen this new way of printing?

Our reasons for our new approach are simple -

  • The quality is outstanding!

  • We can use more colourful designs!

  • The ink soaks into the fibers of the garment (like printing on paper) rather than sits on top

  • It's more sustainable as we won't over produce

Here is our very first print using the new approach! We have had this design printed on a sustainable white T-shirt. The result is amazing quality.

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Very nice and outstanding ✌️👍✨✨✨✨♥️🇧🇩

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