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The Environment

We are very passionate about the environment and protecting it. We've researched at great lengths on how we can ensure we are doing our best to protect the environment whilst running a successful business. Our products and packaging have been carefully sourced with this as a priority.

OUR PACKAGING - Is all re-usable and recyclable and Plastic free

Boxes - They're eco friendly! Made from FSC Certified material which contains at least 70% recycled content and are fully recyclable. And aren't they just lovely? You could re-use it for something else? I like to use mine to keep sentimental greeting cards safe. They're great 'cos you can write on them (to remember what's in there)

Tape - Our paper tape is made from easy-tear Kraft paper and is 100% recyclable and biodegradable. The adhesive coat is a starch based glue which is completely soluble in water. I doubt you can re-use this but it's worth a go, right?

Tissue - We use "Acid free" tissue paper that's safe on our clothing and fully recyclable. If you opened your swag really carefully, you could always re-use the tissue for something else. Maybe you have something special to gift and general wrapping paper isn't quite enough. Why not use the tissue to wrap it first :)

OUR CLOTHING - Is all 100% Organic

If you'd like to know more about our clothing, why not pop over to our "clothing blog"

Our printer - Our printer launched their "Green promise" in 2018 and (like us) are very environmentally friendly. They have endeavoured to find solutions to monitor and reduce their impact on the environment and have successfully reduced the amount of energy they use and waste they produce

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