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Teamwork makes the dreamwork!

We are a team made up of 3 individuals. Stu, Ben & Hevs...each one brings something a little different while at the same time everyone is on the same page. So here's a little more insight in to what each of us bring to the Coast 2 Coast round table!


Stubob is our chief designer, he's the one who sits there drawing all these designs on his iPad and then making them in to vector files ready to be sent off to the printers in order to become a reality. At each meeting we'll all chip in with our vision for a design, Stu goes home and brings that design to life!


Ben is the website creator, photographer, videographer and to start with is predominantly the person replying to all your messages via facebook, twitter, Instagram or email and controlling all our social media channels. All the images on our site are taken and edited by if a model looks rubbish they can blame him!


Hevs is the person who at the minute is adding all the little details to your clothing and shipping them off. For example we have a little C2C Puck Tag on each item of clothing, each of those tags are individually stitched on by Hevs! Then when your swag arrives and you see the awesome packaging, you can rest assured that it was Hevs wrapping it up a million times before she was happy that it looked perfect! Although due to the sheer demand of our products, we have heard sneaky rumours that Stubob has now been drafted in to help package items!! The end goal is to see Hevs in a position where she can take over the whole operation of being the face of our brand as her main job!

Basically, we all bring something unique and have different roles to play in this business but we know that each person is no more valuable than the other two and all of us are on the same page and on the same footing. That's the best way to go about business and so far it's paying off!

So here's to an amazing future for Coast 2 Coast Clothing UK and to a safe 2020 onwards for everyone out there during these crazy times!!

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