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Why are we doing this?

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

We all have a passion for clothing and we are striving to create a style that people want to wear everyday in all situations, whether that be to work, to the gym, out for lunch, to the pub, out for a meal/date or maybe, just maybe even wear our clothing line while your lounging on your sofa at home. As long as you love our products then that's all we care about.

Our aim is to not only provide high quality fashionable goods but also make your experience of buying our products as unique and personal as possible right down to opening that awesome T-shirt or Hoodie you just bought!

We are so excited to get going, it's been a lot of hours planning, a lot of hours designing, lots of hours stitching, lots of hours editing photos and this website! It's finally time to start selling!!

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